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Galle vase

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Gorringe Antiques

Stands 159-160|Tel: 07919 457 143

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Gorringe Antiques has been supplying fine art & antiques since 1982. Gorringe Antiques has an extraordinary collection of Rene Lalique glass vases, Art Nouveau Wine Decanters, Art Deco, Vintage Crocodile Handbags, Crocodile Luggage, Jugendstill (AUSTRIAN/GERMAN) and various arts & crafts.

Gorringe Antiques is your #1 dealer for high quality early 20th century antiques & vintage items. Customers from all over the world shop at Gorringe Antiques, famous clients include Grammy award winning artists & many others. The friendly staff at Gorringe Antiques are happy to serve everyone and welcome your enquiries. To view further stock click on the link to his website above.

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